Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quit Smoking By Replacing Cigarettes By Lollipops

Just imagine your cigarette packet filled with lollipops instead of cigarettes. This would be a great idea.

No one smokes because they like the smell and taste of a cigarette, they smoke because it gives them temporary relief from stress. The person, who smokes, has trained his mind to smoke cigarettes to get relief from stress for some time.

After the cigarette is finished the person feels god for a few hours till the mind is again craving for a release of stress. Instead of using natural ways to get rid of stress he or she chooses to smoke because it's easier and there are other excuses that are attached to this whole thing like drinking coffee with a cigarette, chatting with other smokers in the office lobby, taking a walk while smoking, walking the dog while smoking.

The truth is everyone of use has stress in our lives but not everyone is a smoker. There are countless other ways to get rid of stress and be happy instead of smoking that can show faster and amazing results.

That is why try out this simple formula. Buy lollipops and put them is your pack of cigarettes and next time instead when you feel the urge to smoke have a lollipop. If you love cooking, then you can even make them yourself at home. This simple replacement will be a huge benefit as far as your health is concerned. There is no harm in trying it out.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To become A Millionaire In 45 Seconds Flat!

Is it really possible?

Yes, it is.

What I'm going to show you is not a tutorial on " how start an online business that will make you an overnight millionaire" or " dirty tricks of marketing the gurus are using everyday" etc.

This is profoundly simple and I guarantee that it will change the way you look at "money making" and even your other life areas.

Here's how you can have a million worth of money in 45 seconds flat.

I know many people will laugh at this and will even hit the "Back" button.

But just think about it for a while. The whole concept behind this can transform your entire life and finances.

This is a classic example of how "relativity" works and shapes our lives. For a person in the poor country you are already a millionaire and you don't even know it.

The bank manager where you'll transfer your money will see you as a "wealthy" person as compared to all other accounts. You'll be treated as a special person if you happen to be in that bank branch.
Just find a bank in the third world country where your savings are equivalent to a "million" in their currency. Then transfer all your money to a bank account in that country and call yourself a millionaire.

For a person living in that country, your worth and savings are always going to be millions.

The truth is all of us are so much busy finding and imagining what we don't have, we forget to thank for what we already have with us. This makes us forcefully join the "rat race" that everyone is trying to run and waste some important years and moment of our lives.

Constantly focusing on what we don’t posses, has made us think that we need more and to achieve this imaginary goal we keep running all our life forgetting that we are supposed to first enjoy what we already have with us.

The moment you understand that everything "just like the money" example is just a perception and an idea of the truth, but not the truth, your whole life will take a big shift.

You'll notice that your idea of "being poor" is just an idea from your point of view. But from someone else's perspective your worth is a "millions" in their currency. Once you change the "point of view" or looking at things everything looks different and sometimes comforting.

The point of view shows you a new way of life and things that opens up opportunities. The "point of view" is nothing but the meaning you give to events and circumstances.

As human beings we have the choice of "choosing the meaning" itself. But very few make use of this exclusive gift. We allow the past to give meanings to events and circumstances without knowing that we do have the opportunity to give it a different meaning than what your parents, friends, relatives, colleagues and the society has taught you all your life.

You don't have to carry those conceptions with you anymore. You can form your own and move forward. If you find anything disturbing in your life then check what meaning you are giving to events and circumstances associated with the negative energies.

Here is a simple experiment my friend told me to do.

Stand below a tall tree and look up. You'll notice yourself shorter than the tree and wonder how tall this tree is.

Now go on top of the terrace of a building and look at the same tree from top. You'll notice how small the tree is.

You see, how powerful "point of view" is, literally.

If you learn to apply this to your life, it will start changing fast, I promise.

Everyone of us has this capacity within us, but no one has taught us to use it everyday.

But why wait for someone else to come to you and teach you. Start using it from today and see how things work out.

You can start by picking up something that is really bothering you right now and try to come up with a different meaning. Try to find how someone else from outside of the events will look at it and I'm sure you'll find one.

The point here is, if there exists more than one meaning to any event then that even is not the ultimate truth in your life. You have simply accepted it as truth and calling it the end of the world.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There Are 6 Billion Opinions For Anything At Any Given Moment

Do you have a strong opinion about something in your life, then there is a possibility that there are 6 billion others who must be having a different opinion about the same thing.

There are 6 billion people on this planet and there is a strong possibility that each and every one of them has a new way to look at your opinion. It's quite obvious that some of those opinions will always repeat, but that does not remove the possibility of having so many opinions.

Do you see the beauty of this?

Not many will, but if you do, then this can be the best way to free yourself from all the anxiety and fears that areas stopping you from achieving what you have always wanted in life.

Having a "different" opinion about your believed truth about something removes power from it and opens the possibility in front of you accept a better or different truth if you wish to change it.

That's why be open for criticism and make room for a better truth!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Which One Of This Is You?

Here's a funny list of how people in different professions would explain a process to solve.

The Scientist
-4) Step 1
-3) Step 2
-2) Step 3
-1) Step 4
0)  Step 5
1)  Step 6
2)  Step 7
3)  Step 8

The Perfectionist

1) Step 1
2) Step 2
3) Step 3
 3.1) Substep 3
 3.2) Substep 3
 3.3) Substep 3
   3.3.1) Subsubstep 3
   3.3.2) Subsubstep 3
   3.3.3) Subsubstep 3
 3.4) Substep 3
4) Step 4

The Smart Guy
1) Step 1
2) Step 2
3) Step 3
4) Step 5
5) Step 6
6) Step 8
7) Step 10

P.S. Steps 4,7 and 9 are just a waste of time

The Marketer
8) Step 1
7) Step 2
6) Step 3
5) Step 4
4) Step 3
3) Step 2
2) Step 1
1)  There is no step 0

1) Step 1
2) Step 10 :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Art Of Living In NOW!

I'm sure you have read before that living in the present moment is one of the biggest and powerful ways to improve you life for better. People living in NOW or this moment will definitely have a higher awareness of their surrounding reality and will have a greater capability to deal with any life situation effortlessly.

When we constantly think about future, what really happens is we sow the seed of what will happen in future. Truly speaking you have not yet experienced future because you can't do it in this moment. But by "thinking about" what might happen you start the engine of creativity and then force yourself to expertise the thing that you imagined.

When you remain in present you cut down all the future events that were going to happen and focus on this moment now. The situations which you are facing now has been created in the past and bay facing them fully you completely eliminate the chain reaction that may have caused any emotional pain in the future.

By being in this moment you can gain a higher status in life because you end the anxiety gap that exists in your mind. There is an easy technique to remain in now. Simply become aware of your breathing right now.
If you do this just five minutes, three times a day you'll see great results even in a week. This is not hard at all. You can do this even when you are stuck on a traffic jam, while taking bath or even when you're in the elevator.

Your breath is always in the present moment. You can't breath in tomorrows air today and that's the key to this whole exercise.

Just give it a try and see the amazing results yourself.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Success Is Just Round The Corner, Don't Quit Yet!

Many people quit when they are sooo close to what they want to achieve in life. If you are struggling to achieve something worthwhile and have invested lot of efforts and energy for a longer period of time then it's very normal to thin that you are not going anywhere and something is terribly wrong with you.

But believe me whatever you do to achieve your success brings you one step closer to success everyday. Who knows when you quit, your goal just nearer to you and all you need an extra step to jump and grab it by your hands.

So, think about it

Quitting is the easiest action and is nothing as compared to what you have already done to achieve your goal. So instead of taking a low value action why not just take one more step towards your goal and brag it.
Have patience and you'll soon discover your desire.

All the best

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No one Is Perfect, So Why Try to Become One?

Look, it's good to strive for perfection and achieve the highest quality in whatever you are trying to create. But there are many people who, in order to achieve perfection procrastinate a lot and keep delaying their creation process.

They want their work to be the best and wait for the best ideas to come to their mind. This makes them "wait" for the perfect idea which unfortunately never comes.

If you are seriously thinking to start a new blog/website/ project or anything that you know is going to make a big difference, then don’t wait. Just get going and get started.

Once you get started no matter how small it may be, it will push you towards your goal a little closer. The key to this whole exercise is to generate a momentum in your mind so that it gets into the habit of taking action and not slow down.

I once read on a blog that "Inaction breeds doubt and fear" and I absolutely believe in this statement. Any actions no matter how small it may will defenitely take you a step closer to your goal.

Now may people may argue, "What if my step is a mistake which may lead to failure?”

Yes, it's possible that the action may not produce the result you intended, but consider this for a moment. The wrong action will teach you "what not to do" and is still an indication that you are one step closer to your goal.

So my friend, don't commit the mistake I used to make when I got started. I used to write and delete articles because I thought it's not yet perfect and spend weeks without posting anything on my blog. That led to massive inaction and the result was that I started feeling guilty for not taking any action in weeks.

So remember this message clearly..

You are wonderful and if you believe that you can make even a small difference in this world then go ahead and do it. As the time goes by you'll start getting amazing insights and will gain a unique touch to your creativity.

All the best and don't forget to share your thoughts below. Also if you liked this article kindly share it on facebook/twitter so that your friends benefit from these words as well.